Scale your business by interacting with more customers

Using video to connect experts with customers has the potential to transform how organizations deliver key services. Video can reduce costs, improve outcomes, and extend the reach of many critical functions. Healthcare, government, higher education, financial services, and many other industries are launching or expanding the use of video enabled processes.

However, deeply integrating video into healthcare, business and government can be a daunting task that often requires costly, complex, and time-consuming custom software development.

vAccess allows you to connect experts with customers for a fraction of the time, cost, and complexity of custom software development. The cloud-based product can be configured to support your business process and leverage your video infrastructure.

vAccess Scale Your Business

Simplify video customer engagement with easy to use workflows

Using video effectively to connect experts to your customers requires a video workflow that supports the unique needs of your business.

vAccess provides powerful tools that allow you to configure a video workflow to meet your needs. You can:

  • Initiate and conduct calls from a website, kiosk, laptop, or the video enabled device most relevant to your business process
  • Support ad hoc and scheduled video calls between customers and experts
  • Enable warm transfers from one expert to another so you connect the best subject matter resource for your customer

With vAccess customers across a wide variety of industries and use cases can now deeply integrate video into their business.

vAccess Configure a Video Customer Engagement Workflow

Gain insights to optimize how you serve customers

vAccess provides critical analytics needed to manage, optimize, and grow your video customer engagement initiatives.

The system provides data that can be used by the organization to track customer behavior, report key service level metrics, support billing or chargebacks for the service, and capture other data that can be used to improve continuously how you use video to serve your customers.

vAccess also integrates with vAnalytics to provide even deeper insights to optimize and scale your video customer engagement initiatives.

vAccess Gain Insight to Serve Customers Better
Vyopta helps us process cases more efficiently and smoothly while keeping the human element which video provides.