Insights to improve video collaboration and make your job easier.

Insights built on the industry’s best historical and real time data

Accurate and complete data are critical to generating actionable insights. Reports built on limited data lead to bad decisions, missed goals, and wasted time and money.

vAnalytics collects, integrates, and stores the most comprehensive video and UC data set in the industry. Vyopta's proprietary tools collect data from virtually all video/UC technologies (e.g., MCUs, gateways, gatekeepers, management systems, video endpoints, external services) from a wide range of UC vendors including Cisco Telepresence, Cisco Unified Collaboration Manager, Cisco Webex, Polycom, Microsoft Lync, Vidyo, Acano, Pexip, Vbrick, Lifesize and others.

Unlike most video equipment vendor analytics solutions, Vyopta stores years of historical data that allow you to make much better capacity planning decisions and spot unusual network performance.  

Also, unlike traditional real time network monitoring tools that take snapshots of network traffic to indicate potential problems with video traffic, Vyopta collects actionable data directly from your video infrastructure.  You can use our real time and historical tools to diagnose problems including endpoints or infrastructure going down and poor video call quality.



Take the guesswork out of tracking your current video network capacity utilization and make better, more cost effective capacity plans.

vAnalytics helps customers pinpoint their capacity constraints quickly and accurately and allows you to avoid overbuying unnecessary video technology. In addition, you can use vAnalytics to forecast utilization trends, develop comprehensive adoption plans, instantly understand current bottlenecks, and make better expansion decisions.



Real Time Monitoring and Alerts allows the video IT team to efficiently support and improve call quality even as the number of video meetings grows significantly. By providing access to real time dashboards and configurable alerts about video capacity limits, call quality, endpoint and infrastructure status, video IT teams can solve problems in a fraction of the time and proactively respond to issues before they are reported by users. 

Our powerful data collection engines can track jitter, packet loss, frame rate, resolution, and bandwidth for every channel of every call leg in real time through call control, bridges, and even directly from video endpoints. vAnalytics simplifies how you resolve call quality issues and helps you track your progress against quality of service goals.



Many organizations have very specific reporting needs. Some need to report video/UC usage for compliance reports, others need to track usage by organization (e.g., business unit) geography, cost/profit centers or other categories, while still others are interested in tracking progress against specific goals (e.g., travel reduction or return on investment).

vAnalytics allows you to customize reports to meet your unique needs so you can be more effective, spend less time on reporting and more time on achieving your goals. Exporting data is as simple as a single click to email, excel, or image file format. 



Vyopta knows how busy video network and UC professionals are helping their organizations reach their collaboration goals.  vAnalytics simplifies day to day operations and puts intuitive yet powerful tools in the hands of IT administrators.

Data collection, analysis, and presentation tasks that used to take days using disorganized data from multiple sources can now be accomplished in seconds or minutes. High level metrics are visible at a glance in our Dashboards while also being clickable to dig deep into the data and allow for complex data operations with a single click.

Unlike other analytics products in the market, Vyopta's intuitive products can be used by IT and UC staff immediately.

Better Capacity Planning with vAnalytics.


vAnalytics is cloud-based and easy to deploy. From smaller networks to those that support tens of thousands of employees, the cloud-based service can be deployed across entire networks with ease.

Vyopta cloud solution requires significantly less resources to set up and deploy than on-premise solutions. You and your team no longer have to take the time and effort to set up and maintain an on-premise software solution.Vyopta completes application activation, configuration, and infrastructure preparation remotely.

In addition, you no longer have to budget for the cost and time to setup and maintain server hardware and software, data backups, storage, disaster recovery, and remote access.

Vyopta products are secure and certified for use by the US Department of Defense.

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