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Intuitive video conference room controls for a fraction of the cost.

Makes the video conference room experience simpler and more consistent

Video conference rooms are full of potential. More effective collaboration, immersive experiences, reduced travel costs, and so much more. However, control systems are made by different manufacturers than video systems, so the interfaces can be counterintuitive and comlex.

vControl makes connecting and controlling a call from a video conference room easy. Use an iOS or Windows tablet to initiate calls, control the camera, share content, and more all from a simple, intuitive touch interface.

In addition, you can use vControl for all of your video conference rooms to standardize the user experience. Once a user knows how to use vControl they can confidently call from any of your video conference rooms.

Use vControl to increase video conference room utilization, improve collaboration, and increase user satisfaction with video calling.

vControl Conference Room Experience

Significantly reduce the costs of video conference room expansion

The vControl video conference room controller provides powerful and intuitive video conference room controls for 20% of the cost of custom solutions. That is a potential saving of thousands of dollars per video conference room. For large video conference room expansions you could save tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in hardware, integration and programming costs.

In addition, the cloud-based vControl solution can be provisioned and managed globally from a web browser which further reduces the time and cost to deploy and maintain your video conference room controls.

vControl Reduce Video Conference Room Expansion

Reduces helpdesk headaches and costs

By simplifying and creating a consistent standardized room solution, your users will have a much better experience and will generate far fewer trouble tickets.

In addition, vControl’s cloud-based management tools makes troubleshooting a lot easier, faster, and cheaper than traditional room control systems.

vControl Reduce helpdesk costs
Vyopta makes controlling video conference rooms a really simple and consistent experience.