Automatically add critical metadata to video recordings  

Universities, healthcare organizations, governments, and large enterprises are finding that there is a lot more to a successful video content system than just recording videos. Videos need to be automatically organized and searchable. Without automating the collection of metadata it is extremely difficult to share and manage large volumes of videos. Having an automated process prevents from going through hundreds or thousands of videos captured on your network and retroactively adds the correct metadata via manual data entry.

vPublish is a cloud-based system that automatically adds critical metadata to any video recorded on your network and then publishes the recorded content with assigned metadata to your content management system. The metadata can come from your existing information systems or can be input directly by the user when they capture a video.

vPublish Add Critical Metadata to Video Recordings

Simplify the process of recording videos

vPublish integrates seamlessly withvControl video system control software to simplify the process of recording videos.

Using an iOS or Windows tablet device, you can simply press the “record button” to start a video recording from an existing telepresence or video conferencing system.

In addition, you can use the touch pad to select the metadata from a dynamically created menu of context relevant metadata and use additional controls such as dialing, click-to-join virtual meetings, source content selection and selecting presentation layout choices.

vPublish Simplify Video Recording

Share and secure videos across your organization

With automated metadata collection and easier tools to initiate video recordings, your organization can increase the volume of video captures and more effectively share and secure videos.

vPublish makes it easier for users to find the right videos, for administrators to control access (e.g., only students currently enrolled in a class or lawyers working on a specific case), and for content producers to publish their videos.

The cloud-based solution also scales to support any size of deployment and integrates with Cisco video infrastructure including Cisco TelePresence Content Server (TCS), Media Experience Engine, and Cisco Show & Share.

vPublish Access Privileges
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