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Increase video usage through simple video meeting scheduling.

Makes scheduling video conference meetings easy

Scheduling a video conference meeting which includes video, telephony, and web conferencing resources should be as easy as scheduling a meeting with Google Calendar find a time that works for the group and schedule the meeting.

Unfortunately, for too many organizations scheduling a video meeting is a complicated, unreliable, and frustrating process. Users are not sure what to do or require costly “white glove” hand holding to schedule the meeting.

vSchedule makes scheduling video meetings easy. By integrating seamlessly with calendar applications like Gmail, vSchedule does all the work with one click simply by being added to the meeting as a participant. The appropriate meeting instructions are automatically determined and added to the invite by the vSchedule service. Participants can join the virtual meeting room from any video endpoint, audio endpoint or via a web-browser. No plug-ins required, no need to open another scheduling application, no lengthy user training.

With vSchedule you can set up a video meeting just like you schedule meetings today. It’s that easy.

vSchedule Schedule Video Meetings

Supports MCU/VMR technologies

Scheduling video calls should support your technology goals, not limit them.

vSchedule leverages any MCU/VMR technology and service from Cisco, Polycom, Acano, Pexip, Vidyo, or Bluejeans. Now you can support a multi-vendor MCU/VMR technology, move to a new MCU/VMR technology, or re-invest with your existing vendors without having to worry about scheduling.

In addition, using Vyopta’s proprietary meeting technology assignment policy engine, vSchedule automatically without any user intervention schedules the right resources to meet your technology and cost goals.

vSchedule Supports all MCU/MVR Technologies

Reduces helpdesk headaches and costs

By making scheduling video meetings easy and familiar, users will have a much better experience and will generate far fewer trouble tickets.

Organizations with dedicated groups that schedule video calls (“white glove scheduling”) can now refocus those resources on other tasks or reduce their operating costs.

vSchedule Reduce Helpdesk Costs

Scales to the size of your organization

If a user knows how to use a calendar application like Gmail, they know how to use vSchedule. Now you can drive video meeting usage and collaboration throughout the organization.

vSchedule automatically scales to support all users with access to the service and optimizes the use of your MCU/VMR ports.

In addition, customers that use both vSchedule and vAnalytics can gain greater insights on adoption rates and make smarter MCU/VMR capacity expansion decisions.

vSchedule Scales to Organization's Size
Vyopta makes scheduling video conference calls seamless.