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The Unified Communications Market Shift Under the Modern CIO

The Unified Communications Market Shift Under the Modern CIO

There is a lot of talk about the shift in the enterprise communications market to a single platform including desktop and mobile integration aka the new "unified communications." For enterprises this shift is long overdue, but unfortunately, unified communications and...

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The value of UC monitoring in 2018

“With today’s dynamic, sophisticated environments, IT needs to manage the right thing, and the right thing to manage now is the transaction because that is what most often touches the end user or customer.” ~ Mike Sargent, General Manager, Service Assurance, CA...

What types of companies use video conferencing in 2018?

It’s not enough to say, "I may have seen the lights in the video conference room flicker on a couple of times last week" anymore. Video administrators used to get by without having to report on how much employees use video conferencing, but those days are over. We...

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