Matt Stevenson, CTO of Videonor, paid us a visit recently and we were able to get him on camera for a quick interview to share thoughts on his experience with Vyopta and our new and improved video collaboration analytics software.

In the video, Matt touches on two points that I think most video administrators can relate to. Capacity Planning and Usage Trend Analysis. I’m going to dive a little deeper on these two important subjects, and provide examples of how large organizations can benefit.

Capacity Planning

Long gone are the days of guessing whether or not you have enough port and license capacity to cover all of the video conferencing call demand for your organization. Capacity planning allows you to purchase the right amount of ports and license from your preferred video technology vendor before you run into an issue, by analyzing capacity peaks and trends in your video collaboration network.

For example, one global mass customization company gave all of their employees their personal VMRs which led to a big spike in usage. By using our capacity tool they were able to see where they were running out of capacity well before they needed to make additional purchases.

Usage Trend Analysis

Matt talks about the importance of analyzing video usage from the perspective of a service provider. They need the deliver the highest quality video service by gaining insights about video adoption and usage trends in multiple organizations. But, let’s say you’re a large organization with an in-house collaboration IT team.

Example: Steve the IT manager for Such & Such Incorporated wants to summarize video usage for the last half and share with senior management for budgeting next year.

Here are a few of the things Steve can report on with vAnalytics:

Usage for endpoints


Active hardware endpoints compared to software endpoints


Usage for types of video devices


Usage for type of bridge technology


There are many organizations already collecting video collaboration capacity and usage data to help improve their networks with vAnalytics.

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