Webinar Recording: Overcoming Unified Communication Challenges in the Enterprise


Western Union leads the pack when it comes to transforming legacy technologies into a fresh, dynamic platform comprised of both old and new technologies. However, this type of transition comes with its own set of obstacles including; interoperability, efficiency, performance, and user adoption.
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David Levin, Director of Technology at Western Union, will share the challenges he encountered over the course of several years and provide details around the solutions he was able to implement without the need to increase spend or leverage an outside consulting firm. One of the primary decisions that helped Levin attain success was the decision to implement Pexip. Jordan Owen’s, Vice President of Architecture at Pexip, will share more details about Pexip’s flexible architecture, licenses, and reporting that continues to help large, enterprises like Western Union.


Jordan Owens

Vice President of Architecture


David Levin

Director of Information Security and End User Technology

Western Union

Jacob Borgeson

Product Marketing


Webinar Recording


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