Sneak Peak: “AV/Network Whipping Boys” Tell All in Survey Smackdown

Due to our recent integration with SolarWinds® Network Performance Monitor, we’ve been asking AV, IT, and Network Engineers what it’s really like to work in Unified Communications via our 2-minute survey. Word around the water cooler has always been that there’s palpable tension between AV, IT and Network teams. Although Vyopta’s new, single-click integration with SolarWinds NPM is a start, we want the real story so we can determine the best way to help.

So far, the results of our survey have been great (that might have something to do with the fact that the first 200 participants will win a $10 Amazon gift card and enter to win an iPhone 7). More importantly, the results have helped us paint a picture of what reality may actually look be!

Initial AV vs. Network Survey Results


So far, we’re finding that AV, IT, and Network teams may indeed be slowly integrating within large, enterprise organizations. So far, 49.5% of survey participants are indicating their role is “Network and AV Whipping Boys.” Although hilarious, we hope this isn’t the title they are placing on their email signatures or LinkedIn profiles. Additionally, is the traditional “AV” role becoming extinct?

Blog Image: What is your role, AV or Network Engineer at your company?

Interestingly, most survey participants have not been “volun-told” to take on the responsibilities they have, it’s been driven by their own desire to grow and learn. Although the results are not depicted here, a majority of survey respondents view their current roles and responsibilities in the Unified Communications industry as a positive and are motivated and intrigued by the industry overall.

Blog Image: Was your AV or Network Engineering role by choice or by force?

Again, we really wanted honest and candid feedback. So we’re asking some pretty frank questions to determine just how much (if any) tension there is between teams. From there, we’re including some open response options to pinpoint where frictions occur and ideas on how to remedy them moving forward.

Blog Image: Do you love or hate your AV or Network team counterpart?

Since roles and responsibilities between these teams appear to be blurring more and more overtime, we wanted to find out what the current line in the sand is…or isn’t.

Blog Image: What's the definitive cut-off of responsibilities between AV and Network Engineering?

Have any burning thoughts or want a chance to be heard? Go ahead, complete the survey using the link below! We’ll be sure to follow up with the final results so we can paint an accurate picture of what it’s like to work in Unified Communications. Perhaps we’ll finally debunk some long-term rumors and stereotypes while we’re at it!


CTA: AV and Network Engineering Survey Smackdown