October Product Updates: Endpoint Availability and Sessions Data

It’s been another productive month at Vyopta. We have a couple new exciting features that are live in your product today. This month’s updates feature a new tab for chat and sharing statistics, endpoint (room) uptime, and support for Cisco Meeting Application user enumeration. 

Here is a short video on the updates.


IM, Sharing, and File Transfer Data AKA Sessions

With our expansion to cover everything communications and collaboration last month, we needed a single place to store all the call, message, sharing and file transfer data in one place. To create a more comprehensive view of all communication data, we have added the Sessions tab to your Advanced Analytics modules.

Vyopta chat data

Chat, share, call, and transfer data

The sessions module contains audio, video, messaging, sharing, and file transfer activity data gathered and unified from your infrastructure and endpoints. This will allow you to build visuals, KPIs, and analyze your communication modalities in any of the other tabs (Dashboard, Adoption, Issues) where you already build reports today. You can read more about the specifics in our KnowledgeBase article.

Endpoint Availability

Another key feature is the ability to monitor the uptime percentage and number of down minutes for hardware video conferencing endpoints.  This allows companies to find troublesome endpoints that are having connection issues and fix them. You can create dashboards and schedule delivery of daily or weekly reports to make this process efficient.


Track endpoint uptime

You can also create reports to reflect the overall health of your video conferencing rooms and also track the performance over time.

CMA (Cisco Meeting Application) Client Support

Cisco Meeting Application is the software interface that users who have the Cisco Collaboration Meeting Server (formerly Acano). Vyopta now displays all the users of CMA in your company. If you have CMA at your company, then you might notice a spike in your total number of users and software endpoints; this includes Managed Endpoints. Before, this data was showing up under Unmanaged devices in your call volume data, but now it will show up as a Managed system.

If you would like a bit of training on these new features, please use the Intercom chat bubble in the bottom right corner of vAnalytics or contact support@vyopta.com to set up a meeting.