Leveling Up with More Funding and Executive Team Members

In order to be successful, every company must build two great products. Often organizations focus on the product they sell but fail to put the same amount of time and effort building the second product: a great company. At Vyopta, we’re carefully tending to both. Although we recently announced our $5 million Series A, we have an exciting funding and executive team update to share.

We know every company must provide a product to solve a problem or address a need. From there, they need to continuously improve, support, market and sell it.

Similar to what we well know as a “traditional product,” you must systematically invest in your company. Treat it like a product. You should develop a roadmap, features (e.g. culture) and metrics you track and review to ensure the product is meeting its goals. The quality of this product will help you recruit and retain the perfect team and partners network, which are mission critical for success.

Today we’re thrilled to share some of the progress we are making on leveling up an organization!

Additional Series A Funding

First, we are announcing an expansion of our investment from AVX Partners to a total of $6 million. We joke a little by saying, “they thought we were so nice, they invested twice.” However, all kidding aside, we are very appreciative of this additional capital. We can now invest even more into building our team and technologies.

New, Rockstar Executive Team Members

Second, we are excited to formally add two new members to our senior leadership team.

Vyopta adds Bret Hern and Chad Savoy to their executive team. Chad Savoy (right) will lead our sales team as our VP of Sales. He brings incredible experience scaling start-ups from his time at DataDog and SolarWinds. In his first week, Chad’s energy can already be felt throughout the office. Our teams are already getting excited for what’s to come.

Due to his sheer genius and GSD attitude, Bret Hern (left) has been promoted to VP of Customer Success. Bret joined Vyopta just a few short months ago. He has brought a wealth of experience in enterprise professional services from his time at Accenture, Computer Sciences Corporation, and Trilogy.

On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for your support and interest in our story. We look forward to sharing more updates as we improve all of our products (including our team)!

For more information, check out our official press release. Or, if you would like to join our team, view our open positions.