Call Failure Insights

Understand and reduce disconnections.

Track global call success rate and dig into details.

Aggregated call failure data gives you the best high-level metrics on call success rate in a simple format. You can also dig into metrics and trends to find common endpoints, servers, locations, participants, or meetings that experience a lot of problems.

Diagnosing the causes of call connection failures can be frustrating and complicated. vAnalytics summarizes thousands of enigmatic error codes so you can take action and improve your call connection rate.

Automated translation and analysis of error codes.

Call failure codes are often obscure lines of text in syslogs that are hard to find and even harder to understand. Vyopta intelligently groups and summarizes thousands of call failure codes from dozens of different vendors so that you don’t have to research or decode the issue.

Filter out problems like user error and SIP Spam.

A significant portion of calls don’t connect because they are dialed incorrectly, a finger slips while dialing, or a bad actor is trying to attack your network to find open endpoints. With our error code analysis and grouping as well as some smart algorithms, vAnalytics makes eliminating these types of calls from your metrics as simple as unchecking a box.

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