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Solve problems before they happen.

Customizable call quality alerts.

Call quality requirements can vary based on the type of call or meeting. Even a small drop in quality can have a big impact (e.g., executive calls, telemedicine services, etc.). Meanwhile, software, web, and huddle rooms have a higher tolerance for acceptable call quality. vAnalytics alerts are customizable so you can set specific limits depending on the endpoint or call type.

You don’t have the free time to wait until users complain or sit with your eyes glued to a monitor to know if a video call is having a problem. Vyopta’s custom alerts empower you to proactively fix quality, device status, and capacity issues before anyone can dial I-T.

Flexible alerts for capacity, infrastructure, and endpoint status.

For Infrastructure, you can set alerts for capacity limits, call quality, device availability, and even CPU load. You can set alerts on endpoint call quality or device status, which is especially important for executive or immersive endpoints. Select the frequency for your alerts and customize the text of the notification email to communicate details and action items as needed.

Integrate into existing help desk workflows.

Vyopta supports integration with help desk software providers like ZenDesk and ServiceNow. You’ll be able to automatically assign tickets and ensure 100% coverage of any issue when it happens. Alerts are also easy to use and work on any screen size from phones to big screen TVs in a NOC, so any IT person can address any problem no matter where you are or what you are doing.

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