Custom Business Reporting

Create and share relevant reports and dashboards to your business.

Avoid spreadsheets: Build, save and send relevant reports for anyone, anytime.

Design custom dashboards for everyone in your organization, then schedule them to send regularly so you don’t need to recreate reports every month.

Drag and drop the critical KPIs to the top and then support with interactive graphs and charts underneath to present the most relevant data in the most impactful way for any audience. Reports are delivered whenever and wherever you request, and the dashboards are interactive if anyone has questions about “what that chart means.”

Avoid spreadsheets: Build, save and send relevant reports for anyone, anytime.

Every organization requires custom data for their specific reporting needs, but doing this with native reporting tools and spreadsheets is tedious. vAnalytics makes it simple create dashboards and reports to help measure and meet any goal.

Make data relevant with automated tagging.

Make data relevant with automated tagging.

To simplify asset management, most large companies organize their equipment, users, and endpoints using a directory of folders or labels in a system like Cisco TMS. Vyopta can integrate automatically with a wide variety of these systems (even if it is just a spreadsheet) so you can immediately create reports that are relevant your organization. You can also manage and add custom tags in vAnalytics to generate your own segments at any time.

Take targeted actions for adoption, compliance, and accounting.

Our customers have used our custom reports and dashboards to support key business processes including:

  • Compliance reporting needs for Telehealth programs
  • Highly targeted adoption campaigns
  • Usage-based cost allocation to business units
  • Attendance tracking in training/educational settings
  • Allocating endpoints and licenses effectively
  • Ask us for other examples!

Vyopta Integrates with these platforms:

Skype for business
many more

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