Adoption, performance, and utilization metrics all in one place.

No other tool collects and combines all the data.

Vyopta’s unique architecture collects all possible collaboration data so that you have more performance data than network monitoring tools, more usage detail than vendor-specific analytics tools, and capacity details that you cannot get anywhere else. Connecting all this data into one place improves the potential insights and saves a ton of time bouncing between tools.

Companies cannot optimize video collaboration when all the stakeholders rely on their own fragmented data and cannot agree on what success means. vAnalytics integrates adoption, performance, and utilization insights in a single system so you can make better decisions.

Make better decisions faster with a complete picture.

Did adoption go down because more calls failed? Did performance take a dive because you ran out of capacity? If you are using different tools from multiple vendors, it can be impossible to answer these questions reliably. Vyopta’s Dashboard allows you to easily correlate performance, adoption, and costs in a single pane of glass. Side-by-side panels on adoption and call performance means you can directly correlate spikes in failed calls with downward trends in usage.

Analyze meetings and activity, not just call detail records.

Vyopta intelligently combines call and participant data into meetings so you can analyze the overall experience. Easily drill into participant or virtual meeting rooms (VMR) and review the quality of the meeting.

Vyopta Integrates with these platforms:

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