Interactive Utilization Metrics

Allocate existing assets efficiently.

Poor resource management often results in either capacity bottlenecks or overspending. Simple, interactive utilization and capacity analytics help avoid shortages and improve utilization.

Endpoints: Identify the most and least utilized and take action.

Maximizing the utilization of your video endpoints is challenging, especially when managing hundreds or thousands of devices. With Vyopta’s flexible utilization formula, you can set custom limits and ensure every endpoint is being used effectively. You can use this information to:

  1. Move endpoints to higher use locations.
  2. Upgrade outdated endpoints.
  3. Take the endpoints offline if they are no longer needed


Infrastructure: Prevent outages and avoid overspending.

Vyopta unifies capacity utilization and licensing data by combining actual usage and deriving hourly, daily, weekly or monthly peaks so administrators and architects can find bottlenecks and excess capacity in an instant. It becomes simple to reallocate existing resources where they are most needed.

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