Unified Monitoring and Analysis

Save time by viewing your entire video environment in one place.

Managing and troubleshooting a large, multi-vendor video network can get messy because of disparate data. Vyopta will collect, unify, clean and store your data instantly so you can focus on more important things.

Flexible, universal data collection is the foundation of our product.

Our data collection agent connects to nearly 100 unique data sources from Cisco, Polycom, Zoom, Pexip, Vidyo, and WebEx, and we’re continuously working to support new updates and video collaboration platforms for both cloud and on-premise solutions.

Vyopta Multivendor Support

Vyopta’s unique monitoring provides 360º call data.

Calls sometimes pass through components that do not report quality data. Vyopta collects information directly from every possible device in the call path in real time, no matter how calls are connected. By merging this data from multiple sources into one call record, we get the most comprehensive view of every call from end to end, regardless if you use on-premise or cloud-based technology.

Our intelligent cloud provides insights without the effort.

80% of data analysis jobs involve collecting, cleaning, and organizing the information before analysis can even start. Vyopta’s intelligent cloud saves weeks of labor by combining, cleaning, merging and normalizing data on a nightly basis. Our cloud processes over 650 million minutes a year from leaders in every industry around the world, so vAnalytics data is reliable and extremely accurate without you lifting a finger.

Secure, long-term storage for data analysis.

Vyopta only collects data about your collaboration; none of the actual shared content, audio, or video is monitored. In addition, our data is encrypted from the moment it is collected, transmitted, and stored in our cloud. Some of the top banks, hospitals, and government agencies use Vyopta to help improve collaboration, including the US Department of Defense, so you can be assured security of your data is a top priority.

You can also store your data securely for years via our cloud, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). You’ll be able to continuously identify, compare, and report on usage and performance trends, and make data-driven decisions about technology and resources distribution.


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