Share data and make decisions faster.

Rich exports of visuals, links, and raw data.

vAnalytics allows you to easily share insights and exports of any chart or report in the tool. Emails include a full-page screen capture, raw data files, and links back to the specific report to enable further investigation.

Sharing insights from IT monitoring and analytics systems can be difficult. Vyopta allows you to easily share charts and reports on an ad-hoc and automated basis.

Automated report distribution with unlimited emails.

Our simple scheduling tool allows daily, weekly, or monthly delivery of any report or custom dashboard. You can keep everyone on the same page with unlimited emails and recipients. Each email will produce a custom link to the specific report so every Vyopta user is looking at the same thing.

Share live insights to speed up troubleshooting.

If an end-user is experiencing packet loss, you can simply copy the direct link and share call details with your network team so they can get things back on track. Dynamic URLs and unlimited users means that everyone can help solve problems by instantly sharing data.

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