Room Insights

Improve conference room and technology utilization

Insights based on existing collaboration data

Our new Room Insights module gathers data from calendar applications (Exchange, Office365) on how rooms are scheduled, attended, and occupied. This data is unified with technology activity including video, audio, presentation, and in-person attendee count (e.g., people count from Cisco). Instantly gain access to collaboration metrics without installing expensive new tablets, sensors, or card scanning stations in every conference room.

Most conference rooms average a 32% utilization rate. Facilities and IT teams must work together to understand details about when, how, and why rooms are underutilized so they can invest in ways to improve.

Identify under/misutilized conference rooms and technology

Rooms and room technology are often misused with large rooms used for small meetings or video enabled rooms used for in-person meetings. Sub-optimal conference room utilization leads to wasted spend, employee frustration, and lost productivity. With Vyopta’s Room Insights you can now identify patterns of under or misutilization and take action.

Reduce Ghost Meetings

Recurring meetings that still block off rooms inside calendars, AKA Ghost Meetings, are frustrating for both users and administrators. Vyopta helps you find Ghost meetings and identify users (e.g., hosts, groups) responsible for these meetings so you can reach out to them to take steps to reduce Ghost meetings.

Increase video collaboration with better room deployment planning

Most companies are transitioning to open, collaborative office spaces and expanding “work anywhere” policies that require more video collaboration. By combining custom data such as room capacity, type, and location with attendance and technology usage, Vyopta delivers custom analytics that can help any organization make the best possible decisions for new conference rooms and collaboration spaces.

“Vyopta helps AstraZeneca answer critical questions about collaboration so we can get the most out of our space and equipment. By marrying technology usage data with calendar information, our Facilities team now saves time and makes better decisions for thousands of conference rooms because we have accurate insights available on demand.”

Steve McClellan
Conferencing Technology and Innovation Manager

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