Real Time Video Endpoint Troubleshooting

Real Time Monitoring, troubleshoot faster with live data.

Identify the source of call quality problems.

No matter the call path, you’ll be able to easily identify the source of the problem with end-to-end call data collection. Using Vyopta’s unique rating system, each call leg will be qualified as good, fair or bad so you can instantly identify the specific part of the call that is having problems. From there, you’ll have comprehensive details for every audio, video, and presentation channel for both transmitted and received data so you can isolate and resolve whatever is impacting performance.

Fixing video calls is difficult when you have to wait until the call is finished to do any troubleshooting. Vyopta’s real-time monitoring allows you to quickly pinpoint and diagnose quality issues, device status, and capacity across your entire network.

Device status beyond SNMP traps.

SNMP traps are of limited use in video conferencing endpoints because they only monitor if the device is alive or dead. vAnalytics is the only tool to notify you if video conferencing endpoints are alive AND able to successfully place calls. Use alerts to automate detection of unavailable, unregistered devices, or even disconnected screens or cameras. Identifying down devices is instantaneous, and one click will take you directly to the configuration page for that endpoint, bridge, or call control device to fix the problem.

Identify if capacity constraints are currently impacting users.

Capacity data for every device simultaneously displays the number of participants, meetings, and total hardware load so you can easily see both cumulative and individual utilization in an instant. It also comes with a 4-hour history of these metrics so you can see if peak usage has been occurring and if you can reallocate capacity to meet spikes in demand.

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