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Analytics for Webex

Whether you have 100 or 100K hosts,
use Vyopta to grow adoption 44% and reduce costs 20%


Increase Adoption

On demand insights on usage (e.g., hosts, departments) you can use to accelerate adoption.


More Efficient Licensing

Use host utilization trends to effectively allocate existing licenses and pick the right software license model (Active, Named, Enterprise).


Optimize Audio

Identify expensive audio cost practices and take action to increase VoIP usage and reduce toll free charges.

“I have been using analytics for various IT projects for about 20 years, and the performance, reliability, and ease of use of Vyopta is second to none”

Andrew Midkiff, IT Alignment Specialist and Evangelist, Rho World

Increase Adoption

On-demand KPIs

Track the usage KPIs that matter most to you with interactive, customizable panels to make better decisions, faster.

Automated reporting

Create custom dashboards and then share on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis with unlimited users and recipients.

Power and inactive users

Identify top and bottom users to identify best practices and take targeted action to grow usage with inactive hosts.

Custom reporting

Integrate your geographic, departmental, or other custom data to get organizational usage insights and take action to grow adoption.

More Efficient Licensing

Long term trend data

Vyopta stores years of usage data so you can analyze long term trends and make better decisions on your software license needs.

Host activity tracking

Get the most from your existing software license by identifying and allocating inactive hosts to groups with higher usage levels.

Licensing utilization metrics

Track available, registered, active, and telepresence hosts to select the best licensing model for your organization.

Aggregation of multiple WebEx Sites

Combine usage and host activity across multiple WebEx sites, or drill down by site to optimize the management of your entire WebEx deployment

Optimize Audio

Dial-in type tracking

Identify meetings using expensive dial-in options to target training and modify invites to reduce expenses.

VoIP usage metrics

Find users that are not using or underutilizing VoIP and take action to increase VoIP usage to best practice levels.

Call location details

Combine location and dial-in information to optimize your audio providers across global deployments.

Reduce Audio Costs

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