Analytics for Cisco

The best way to monitor, support, and optimize your Cisco video technology.


Track performance of Cisco infrastructure including MCU, ISDN, Conductor, TCS, TPS, and the new CMS.

Track key metrics on Cisco endpoints (Jabber, Hardware, etc.).

Call Managers
Analyze historical and real time metrics for Cisco Call Manager and TMS.

Improve user experience.


Real Time Monitoring
The only tool on the market with comprehensive real time monitoring, alerts and call quality metrics (e.g., packet loss, jitter) for Cisco.

Set alerts to detect any performance, capacity, and availability issues.

Call Quality Trends
Use historical analytics to track call quality trends and identify improvement opportunities.

Reach adoption goals and expand your Cisco network efficiently.


Adoption Trends
Analyze historical trends for users, utilization, and capacity (licensing) to understand the drivers of adoption.

Actionable insights
Review data at a company level as well as more actionable organization-level reporting (e.g., business unit, department, geography).

Understand Performance
Use historical analytics to track call quality and identify your biggest device and network problems.

Use a single system to monitor multi-vendor networks.

vAnalytics is the only product that provides a single system for enterprises to monitor multi- vendor video environments,ideal for enterprises that use Cisco alongside technology from Polycom, Vidyo, Pexip, and Acano.

Cisco Infrastructure Technologies We Support:

  • TelePresence Management Server (TMS)
  • TelePresence Content Server (TCS)
  • TelePresence Server (TPS) (Conductor and Non-Conductor) (Virtual or Hardware)
  • Codian Bridges (MCU)
  • Video Communication Server (VCS) Control & Expressway
  • Unified Communications Manager (UCM)
  • ISDN
  • Jabber
  • WebEx

Cisco Endpoints We Monitor Directly:

We indirectly monitor all endpoints for more information schedule a demo

  • C Series (C20, C40, C60, C90)
  • DX Series (DX70, DX80)
  • SX Series (SX10, SX20, SX80)
  • IX Series (IX5000)
  • E Series (E20)
  • EX Series (EX60, EX90)
  • MX Series (MX200, MX300, MX700, MX800)


“vAnalytics with the real-time video monitoring made it much easier to manage our video network, grow video collaboration, and helped us find $160,000 in savings within weeks of using the product.”

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Senior Collaboration Systems Administrator at Cimpress

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