Analytics for WebEx

  • Grow adoption
  • Optimize resources
  • Simplify management



Grow Adoption
Increase usage of WebEx.

Optimize Resources
Get the most out features and investments.

Simplify Management
Make it easy to manage large, diverse environments.

Reach adoption goals and expand your WebEx usage.

WebEx Adoption Trends

Feature Usage Trends
WebEx has many features and understanding which are being used or not will help you optimize your WebEx deployment.

Track usage at every level
Drill down from key metrics into individual participants and filter meetings based on specific search criteria to fully understand users.

Simplify management and reporting.

WebEx Dashboard

Automate Reports and Share Data
vAnalytics allows you to easily share insights and schedule any chart or report. Emails include a full-page screen capture, raw data files, and links back to the specific report.

Up to 7 Years of secure data
Analytics for WebEx securely stores data in the cloud for up to 7 years, allowing for long-term analysis beyond the 3 months of data that comes with standard reports.

Easy to use interface
Powerful, customizable visuals help companies understand if they are meeting their usage goals without having to waste hours generating reports.

Custom Reporting
Report on adoption and usage trends by business unit, departments, geography, and more to enable more flexible and powerful analysis.

Optimize spending.

Vyopta WebEx Costs

Minimize Audio Costs.
Audio usage can represent 50% or more of total costs for a WebEx deployment and vAnalytics allows you to assess audio and take actions to reduce your costs.

Identify active users.
Software license costs are the main expense for WebEx deployments. vAnalytics tracks the number of active, inactive, and power users to help determine your appropriate licensing model.

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