Vyopta Now Integrates with SolarWinds® NPM

Resolve issues faster by using the leading video and network monitoring tools.

Without visibility into both video conferencing and network infrastructure, solving call problems can lead to finger pointing and take longer to solve. By using Vyopta and SolarWinds® NPM together, video and network teams have a complete view of their video calls and can solve problems faster.

Provide more actionable data to your network team.

Once a UC or video administrator isolates a video call problem to a network related issue, oftentimes they have to hand off the problem to the network team who then needs to reevaluate the problem from scratch.  With the vAnalytics and SolarWinds NPM integration, you can go from an endpoint in vAnalytics with a single click directly to the interface for that same endpoint in SolarWinds NPM.   Once in SolarWinds NPM you can verify if the problem is network related and provide the network team more actionable data to solve the problem.


vAnalytics allows SolarWinds NPM users to monitor and get alerts on video endpoints and infrastructure.

Video endpoints and infrastructure can be “black boxes” to network administrators.  Diagnosing call quality problems due to issues in the video/UC environment like camera or display disconnections, configuration changes, or video bridge capacity is a big challenge. vAnalytics queries call quality data and hardware statistics directly from video conferencing endpoints and infrastructure and applies a unique aggregation and normalization algorithm to make the data easy to understand and highlight problems. vAnalytics complements SolarWinds NPM so now network administrators can get full visibility into video endpoint and infrastructure performance.

vAnalytics SolarWinds Integration

vAnalytics allows SolarWinds users to monitor multi vendor video environments.

vAnalytics is the only product that provides a single system for enterprises to monitor multi- vendor video environments, ideal for enterprises that use endpoints and infrastructure from Polycom, Cisco, Vidyo, Pexip, Acano and more.   vAnalytics complements SolarWinds NPM so now network administrators can monitor their entire video and network environments.



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