Endpoint Management

Monitor, assess, and manage video endpoints with all the right data in one page.

It is nearly impossible to analyze utilization and lifecycle of management at scale. Endpoint Management brings all the relevant data on usage, performance, firmware, lifecycle, cost and more into one single tool.

Track endpoint costs and usage to determine value.

It can be a challenge to avoid overbuying endpoints and licenses that end up collecting dust for the majority of users. Vyopta makes it easy to find unused software, hardware, rooms, and phones so you can simply reallocate instead of purchasing new.   vAnalytics uses pricing and usage info to tell if you are getting the most out of your large rooms, immersive rooms, huddle rooms, software, or executive endpoints.

You can then deliver reports about which endpoints are the most and least cost-effective. This makes it simple to decide when to replace or upgrade endpoints, where, when, and how to add video to your organization.


Simplify infrastructure licensing and capacity planning.

vAnalytics normalizes capacity needs from every technology vendor so you can understand the percent of resources being used despite whether you’ve purchased by user, participant, or concurrent meeting. For instance, if you have purchased software licenses by user (e.g., Jabber) and bridge licenses by concurrent meeting (e.g., Cisco SMP), you will no longer need complex formulas to determine exactly what your environment needs.

Better performance and usage data.

Video collaboration is the most sensitive application on the network to any performance issues, and a few bad experiences can scare users away for life. By combining call quality data from the endpoint, bridges, and gateways vAnalytics creates the most comprehensive and accurate picture of overall performance so that you can accurately identify bottlenecks and problem areas in your network. You can view this from one interface with our new Endpoint Details page to leverage historical data to diagnose any problems quickly.

Make video asset management easy.

vAnalytics stores firmware, serial number, model, manufacturer, and address information so you can easily see which devices need firmware upgrades or other maintenance activities. Vyopta also collects the various vulnerability announcements from all our technology providers so you know your exposure to hacks in a single glance.

You can also see information about published vulnerabilities because Vyopta instantly identifies all open Cisco vulnerabilities, compares that to your entire network of devices, and tells you which ones require update for critical vulnerabilities.

endpoint vulnerabilities

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