Room Insights

Optimize conference room space and technology

Gain visibility into room utilization instantly

Finally answer “how are people using our rooms?” with Room Insights’ aggregation of non-call (people detected and presentation sharing) and call (audio and video) activity that’s integrated alongside room booking insights from calendar integrations. From booking activity to tech usage, Room Insights is the single pane of glass for room utilization.

Insights based on existing data

Most conference rooms average a 30% utilization rate. Facilities and IT teams must work together to understand details about when, how, and why rooms are underutilized so they can invest in ways to improve.

Reduce bad usage of space and Ghost Meetings

Mitigate costly employee behaviors with insights

Sub-optimal conference room utilization leads to wasted spend, employee frustration, and lost productivity. Vyopta’s Room Insights automatically surfaces trends on missed meetings (scheduled rooms where no activity took place) and inefficient meetings (attended meetings with low room capacity). Insights down to the individual host level on missed and inefficient meetings are provided so you can easily reach out to correct these costly behaviors.

Maximize the return on your room tech investments

Instantly understand your top and bottom rooms for video, audio, and presentation usage to highlight wins and quickly find areas for training and redeployment. With Vyopta’s single integrated data platform, you’ll have access to all core Advanced Analytics functionality that enables you to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues that are blocking your employees from collaborating effectively.

Insights based on existing data
Insights based on existing data

New insights now, not another project

Vyopta Room Insights is powered by the data collected from the room collaboration technology you already have in place. There’s no need to install and maintain expensive new tablets or sensors and no need to change employee behavior to “check-in” to meetings.

“Vyopta helps AstraZeneca answer critical questions about collaboration so we can get the most out of our space and equipment. By marrying technology usage data with calendar information, our Facilities team now saves time and makes better decisions for thousands of conference rooms because we have accurate insights available on demand.”

Steve McClellan
Conferencing Technology and Innovation Manager