Lifesize Analytics & Monitoring

Performance Management across UC environments with Lifesize Icon room systems
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Ensure UC quality and reliability and improve utilization, operational planning and ROI.
With Vyopta’s Collaboration Performance Management (CPM) solution, organizations can proactively manage performance across UC environments that include Lifesize Icon room systems.

Simplify UC Monitoring

One source of truth across vendors and collaboration modes.

Improve Call Quality

Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly and proactively.

Improve ROI and Usage

Insights to optimize spend and ensure successful tech refreshes.

Monitor Lifesize Icon Room Systems

Vyopta’s platform supports data collection directly from Lifesize video conferencing systems, including Lifesize Icon  300, 400, 450, 500, 600, 700, and 800. Monitor real-time availability, performance, as well as the status of peripherals (display, camera and microphone), and understand how often the systems are being used.

Proactively Mitigate Bad Call Experiences

Get an overview of the health of your UC environment, and get alerted to problems quickly. Troubleshoot live and recently ended calls with metrics that span Quality of Service (QoS), availability, peripheral status, and more, to determine root causes such as user error, network or infrastructure problems.

Understand The End-To-End Calling Experience

Your calls and meetings involve not only endpoints, but also collaboration spaces, UC call control and management systems, bridges, expressways, and thin clients. To accurately and proactively understand reliability and quality across your UC environment, Vyopta provides visibility into the many components and vendors within your entire UC stack beyond Lifesize including Microsoft, Pexip, Cisco, and BlueJeans.

Track and Report on Adoption and Usage Statistics

Flexible analytics, custom reporting, and business data integration make it easy to identify adoption trends and understand how your Lifesize and overall UC investments are being leveraged. With Vyopta, you can easily visualize historical trends, as well as create and share reports that are meaningful to your key stakeholders.

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