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2019 Update: The Real Cost/Pricing for Cisco WebEx Enterprise

How much does Cisco Webex cost in 2019? The first thing to know is that the cost of Cisco Webex has dropped from $89/user to $29 over the last year, and our sources say that $30/user/month is pretty much the upper limit for business purchases these days. That's a...

Webex capabilities: new enhanced features with CPM analytics & monitoring

Cisco recently announced a big expansion of their Webex product by integrating their Spark application under the Webex name and showing some cool new features. This is perfect timing, because we are also expanding our support of Webex and integrating the service into our Advanced Analytics module!

Webex Benefits: How Analytics Optimizes Cisco Video Conferencing

Webex Benefits: How vAnalytics Optimizes Cisco Video Conferencing We just recently started using WebEx CMRs in our organization introducing the WebEx experience to video conference rooms and dedicated video endpoints. With the addition of this awesome new technology,...

Analytics For Webex, Professional Edition

Analytics For Webex, Professional Edition A few months ago, one of our customers came to us with a dilemma. They were usingvAnalytics to manage their telepresence activity, but they had a corporate initiative to combine their WebEx® with Telepresence through a new...