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It really is as easy as 1-2-3 to get up and running with vAnalytics for WebEx. Simply enter your work email in any of the “Get Started” entry points on the vAnalytics for WebEx page and we’ll kickoff the process. Once you verify your email, you’ll be taken to a secure page to input your WebEx credentials. Completing this form starts our cloud-to-cloud connection and vAnalytics for WebEx starts populating with your data – it’s that easy, really!


You will need a WebEx admin user name, the associated password with that user, and the site URL.

  • Administrator Account Privileges: The WebEx admin account can be either the “Site Administrator” account type or the “Site Admin – View Only” account type. Most customers prefer the latter rather than inputting their own “Site Administrator” information. You can see how to easily create a “Site Admin – View Only: account here.
  • Site URL: This is the WebEx URL that is associated with your account. You can find this in the “Site Information” section of the WebEx Administration portal in the row for “Site Brand Name(s)”
  • [Optional] Multiple site URLs: With vAnalytics for WebEx you can see one aggregated view of all of your WebEx sites as well as customize multi-site or individual site views – all from the same platform. To add multiple site URLs, simply prepare the username, password, and URL for each. Most customers prefer creating the “Site Admin – View Only” account for each.
    NOTE: for pricing purposes, users are counted by site – so a user with a license on multiple sites within your organization will be counted multiple times.
Using vAnalytics for WebEx
  • Data population timing: Your data should be ready within 48 hours, and mostly likely within a few hours. You will receive a notification when your data is live.. The Vyopta team will reach out to you as soon as your data is ready. If you have not seen this email in 1-2 days after completing the form, please check your spam folder then contact
  • Vyopta log in information: Upon successful completion of the “Create & connect your account”, you will have receive an email from Vyopta with your temporary account password. You will need this information to log in when your data is finished collecting and your company’s vAnalytics for WebEx instance is ready to use.
  • Logging in: Once your data is ready, our team will reach out to you with an email with the subject of “Your Vyopta data is ready”. In that email you will see a link to log in where you can use your temporary account password. You can also access the login page here or by navigating from any of the public pages.
  • Step 1: Enter your email here.
  • Step 2: Check your inbox.  Look for the “Get Started with vAnalytics for WebEx” email from Vyopta and follow the instructions.. If you do not receive the email within 1-2 minutes, check your spam folder.
  • Step 3: Fill out the “Create & connect your account” form by agreeing to the terms and services then inserting your WebEx admin username, associated password, and the site URL. Once all information is there, click “Add URL”. Vyopta will then confirm that information with the WebEx cloud. If everything is correct, you’ll be able to click “Complete setup” and you’re good to go!
    • Optional step: Click “Add URL” to add in additional WebEx sites. You will need to add all URLs before clicking “complete setup”.
  • Questions along the way?: Feel free to utilize the chat functionality in the lower right corner of your screen and our account team can walk you through any questions you may have. If you attempt to reach us off hours, please contact

Technical FAQs

  1. Who can see my data?
    Only you and our authorized support personnel can see your data. The data we collect is only data about the call, so there is no recorded call content or information shared during the call in Vyopta’s system.
  2. Is Vyopta Secure?
    We are SOC-2 compliant and maintain the highest focus on keeping customer data secure.
  3. How does it work?
    We collect data from WebEx and other platforms via several different APIs. This data is then merged, deduplicated, normalized, and cleaned up using proprietary algorithms in our cloud. Our data refreshes every day, and we store data for up to 3 years for WebEx customers.
  4. Can I see the product?
    Today, you can tour our product via this video.
  5. Why do you need Admin Access for a reporting tool?
    Certain APIs are only available to a Site Administrator, and to create our interactive, comprehensive data, we need access to those APIs.

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