room insights

Meeting Room Management & Optimization

Increase Room ROI • Grow Adoption • Drive Efficiency

Gain Visibility

Booking reporting

Understand who is booking your meeting rooms and how often.

Adherence insights

Whether it’s a single room view, or enterprise wide, you can see how often scheduled meetings actually are attended versus missed.

Rooms intelligence database

Sum, filter, and sort on one dataset to get insights across room attributes, tech utilization, and scheduling.

Custom reporting

Integrate your geographic, departmental, or other custom data to get organization-specific insights and take action to grow adoption.

Optimize Space

Reduce Audio Costs

User Scheduling insights

See who is booking the collaboration spaces that are attended and missed – quickly highlighting worst offenders to take action.

Room efficiency insights

Understand room capacity (how full they are) and see who is hosting these meetings based on occupied capacity.

Space usage minutes and counts

Report on how your room is being used around the clock to with visibility into specific activity counts and durations.

Maximize Room Tech ROI

Room Activity Reporting

View a complete picture of how your room technology is being used across video, audio and presentation use cases.

Non-Call Activity

Track on room usage outside of calls including people-only meetings and local presentation sharing.

Top/Bottom Rooms

Easily sort rooms by the most/least usage of video, audio, and presentation.

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