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Vyopta helps IT teams support massive expansion in remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use Vyopta to optimize your Cisco Collab environment to:

  • Track collaboration tech usage across remote workers
  • Ensure high quality Cisco collab meeting experiences
  • Support important large virtual meetings
  • Monitor Cisco collab technology used to deliver customer service from home

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In response to COVID-19, enterprises are using Cisco collaboration technology at unprecedented levels for virtual meetings, remote working, and to provide customer facing services from their homes.

IT teams need to ensure all collaboration tools perform well to make sure teamwork does not stop and services to clients are not impacted.

Vyopta helps IT teams proactively monitor and support the widest range of Cisco’s cloud and on-premise collaboration technologies (e.g., Cisco Unified Collaboration Manager (CUCM), Cisco Meeting Server (CMS), Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE), Cisco Mobile and Remote Access (MRA), Webex, Expressway Series) to keep enterprises and remote workers up and running.

Utilization & Capacity Reporting

Track overall technology usage among remote workers and plan capacity increases.

  • Virtual meetings count, participants, length
  • Video usage and engagement
  • Peak meeting hours to plan capacity
  • Top join methods (clients, browsers)
  • User, quality, network issues across calls
  • Trends across departments, locations

Collaboration Performance

Proactively monitor status and quality, and ensure optimal performance of virtual meeting technologies.

  • Performance metrics across meeting platforms
  • Quality for audio, video, and presentation modes
  • Real-time time-series quality data per call/meeting
  • Live status of video/audio endpoints, peripherals
  • Ability to troubleshoot for up to 30 days

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