Reports (Historical)

Gain powerful insights into your unified communications environment.


The Reports tabs allows Vyopta users to review any of their saved or pre-scheduled reports. Saved report names are clickable, so you can select a specific report to find out exactly what it covers.  You can also edit, run, disable, or delete reports from this tab.

vAnalytics Video, Historical Reports Sample Image


Reports are created from the other tabs in Historical analytics and viewed from the Reports tab. For example, from the Meetings tab you might use the ‘Add Filter’ search box to search for bad call quality. The data will then refresh to show only meetings that experienced bad quality. If you wanted to turn this into a report, you would then click on the share button in the top right corner as seen below:

vAnalytics Video, Historical Report Details Sample Image

Once you have clicked the share button, a popup will appear as depicted below:

vAnalytics Video, Historical Reports Creation Popup Image

In the share pop up, you would then enter the following details:

  • Export type: Excel, CSV, Report Link ( all or select ones).
  • Frequency: Weekly ( since we are trying to generate weekly quality bad reports).
  • Days: Select the days on which you want the report to be sent out.
  • Report period: Last 7 days ( since you are looking for weekly report).
  • Message, subject: as per your convenience.
  • To: You can email it to anyone you would like to share the report with.


To edit any of your reports, navigate to the Reports tab and click the Edit (pencil) icon beside the selected report. Once you have made your changes, click Save to finalize your edits.


To disable or enable a report, click on the button labeled ‘Enabled/Disabled’ as seen in the summary screenshot above.


To delete any of your reports, click the Delete (trash can) icon and confirm that you want to delete the report. Note that deleted reports are permanently removed and are not recoverable.

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