Files needed to set up your Vyopta environment

Vyopta CPM Data Collector – Version 4.x

The Vyopta CPM Data Collector includes both the Endpoint Monitor and the Data Collector services in one. This download installs / upgrades both at the same time.

You must accept the License Agreement to continue. (Please note that VyoptaCollector uses OpenJDK for Java 11 runtime platform, which is covered under GPLv2 license agreement and related licenses)



  • You can download this file directly onto the Vyopta Data Collector machine using Remote Desktop (RDP) 
  • Or download it on your machine and copy to the Vyopta Data Collector machine.

Once the installer application is on the Vyopta Data Collector machine, open and run the installer there as a local administrator using RDP. Follow the installer’s instructions to complete the installation process.

Downloads For Legacy Software Version 3.x

Prior to version 4.0, Vyopta provided Version 3.x, of our software. This software is still supported for Vyopta applications.
The latest version of this software is required to support mixed UC environments that include Polycom devices.
The following downloads support Cisco and Polycom endpoint.
Vyopta Endpoint Monitor Version 3.x Vyopta CPM Data Collector – GA Version


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