Integrate calendar applications for scheduled video calls with anyone, anywhere.

Scheduling video calls has never been easier.

Introducing Vyopta vSchedule™ with integration into your favorite calendaring apps like Google Calendar and Office 365. With vSchedule, Vyopta makes scheduling video calls easy. Users can click-to-join using web-based video right from their calendar, or join via audio or hardware video endpoints. Video enabled rooms can click-to-join from an iPad by finding the right meeting on the “meetings” tab.

vSchedule makes scheduling video calls simple, automatic, and scalable:


  • Schedule virtual meetings like any other meeting from everyday enterprise calendar apps
  • Click-to-Join meeting from any web-based, desktop or room video system


  • Invite the participant and/or the room - video resources are automatically scheduled
  • Meeting invitations automatically sent with click-to-join links and dial-in information


  • Self-serve video conference scheduling by all enterprise users
  • Utilizing VMR technology supports current and future video demands

With Vyopta vSchedule, users can be sure that they’ll get to the right place at the right time.