Voice Monitoring & Analytics

Manage performance across your voice deployments, including Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business, Zoom Phones, Oracle, and more.
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Supporting a voice network with high volumes of calls and complex system configurations and call paths can be challenging for IT teams. Vyopta simplifies how you manage performance across your collaboration environment, enabling your teams to be efficient and proactive.

Simplify UC Monitoring

One source of truth across vendors and collaboration modes.

Improve Call Quality

Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues rapidly and proactively.

Improve ROI and Usage

Insights to optimize spend and ensure successful tech refreshes.

Monitor Trunks Within Your Network and To Your PSTN Provider

Vyopta’s Technology Insights is the only solution that allows you to easily monitor your Sessions Border Controllers (SBCs) and SIP trunks within your network and to your PSTN Service Provider. Create custom alerts for immediate identification of quality issues and with problematic SIP and PRI trunks, along with your entire UC environment. With support for Cisco Unified Border Element (CUBE) and others, troubleshooting voice issues is proactive, comprehensive, and accurate. Monitor SIP trunk status and traffic and accelerate your migration away from PRI.

Save Hours of Troubleshooting Time with Intelligent CDRs And CMRs

When quality or disconnect issues are reported, retrieving Call Detail Records (CDRs) and related information can require multiple steps. With Vyopta, teams see up to 75% faster troubleshooting and issue resolution time. Within minutes of a call ending, CDR data is accessible through Vyopta’s Technology Insights platform. By parsing the data into tables, highlighting status, and error codes, teams can easily search and filter information within multiple CDRs across multiple devices.

Phone Availability

Vyopta reports on phone status, indicating registered versus unregistered phones. Additionally, with our custom alerts feature, users create notifications when phones or groups of phones become unregistered allowing for keen observation. Having insight to this information across your organization allows for full understanding of phone availability by site, geographic location, and departments.

See All Voice and Video Call Legs in One Place

With Vyopta, you can easily see all your call legs and meetings in one place, with associated quality and disconnect reasons. With the increasing volume of voice and video collaboration, it is important to have information for all types of calls and meetings available in one streamlined user interface for performance management. Gauging overall health across your collaboration environment is now a simple task.

Rewind the Clock To Investigate Past Calls

With a large volume of voice calls, it can be imperative to access quality data and metrics after a call has already ended. With Vyopta’s Technology Insights Monitoring®, you can review and filter data for recent voice calls alongside real-time data for other collaboration modes. Use the time window filter to find any call legs that were active during select timeframes, going back in time up to a week or even longer.

Usage and Adoption Analytics

In addition to providing real-time and after the fact metrics on voice calls, Vyopta analytics can also provide deep insights on capacity, usage, and adoption of voice specific environments. Just use our dashboards to set up the voice metrics you would to visualize and then compare week to week, month to month, and more, along with sending out automated reports on specific data sets.

Examples of the many voice metrics you can use include:

  • Total Audio Calls
  • Total Hardware Audio Calls
  • Total Software Audio Calls
  • Audio Calls by Device Model
  • Audio Calls by Software Model
  • Quality of Audio Calls
  • Disconnect Reason of Audio Calls
  • And more

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Vyopta Voice Monitoring & Analytics

Simplified Multi-Vendor Monitoring & Analytics for your Hybrid UC Environment

– Time saving intelligent CDRs and CMRs
– Active Trunk Monitoring with Configurable Alerts
– Analyze calls in progress or for the last 30 days
– Improve ROI, Usage, Adoption, and User Experience