Real Time Monitoring

Proactively detect and resolve performance issues for flawless collaboration experiences.

Managing performance across mixed UC deployments is complex. Real Time Monitoring helps UC engineers and IT staff ensure productivity by getting ahead of UC issues before users report them.

Proactively Avert
UC Disruptions

Get alerted immediately when users experience performance issues, and identify quality risks before users call in or business productivity is impacted.

Troubleshooting Times

Stop relying on incomplete information from multiple disparate tools; save time locating problematic calls and troubleshooting issues.

Diagnose Issues

Avoid finger pointing and correctly assign tasks to the right teams by pinpointing root causes due to UC infrastructure, user error, or network problems.

What We Cover

Vyopta collects data directly from a wide breadth of UC systems and endpoints across your hybrid environment.

Explore Features

Easily locate every
call in one place

Unify all of your UC data, and quickly locate calls.

  • Trust one source of truth
  • Easily filter, find specific calls
  • Gain complete UC coverage

Quickly understand call and infrastructure status

Pinpoint problems across your environment in seconds.

  • Monitor live and recent calls
  • See all calls, meetings, and call legs in one place
  • Visualize trending quality and device issues

Get deep quality & health metrics fast

See time-series charts and generate reports to better diagnose issues.

  • Explore detailed call quality charts
  • See status of endpoints, peripherals
  • View intelligent CDR/CMR reports

Detect problems

Leverage Vyopta’s sophisticated Intelligent Monitoring Engine.

  • Configure events using 300 metrics, 350 filters
  • Generate informational and critical alerts and notifications
  • Integrate with Service Desk ticketing platforms

What Makes Vyopta Better?

Discover 6 ways Vyopta does things differently.

Complete 360° Hybrid UC Coverage

Simple Deployment, Setup, Maintenance

Powerful Data Management

Interactive, Customizable User Interface

Elastically Scalable Architecture

Your Partner for Success

“I can now go to the networking team and say ‘Here specifically is the problem’, instead of ‘a problem exists somewhere’.”

Gary Blumberg, Video Services Manager, Hartford Healthcare