Collaboration Performance Management

Multi-vendor Monitoring & Analytics for your Hybrid UC Environment

Defy increasing UC complexity with Vyopta

CPM empowers you to optimize existing investments, manage technology refreshes, intelligently plan new deployments, improve adoption, and most of all ensure flawless collaboration in the workplace.

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CPM Monitoring®

Get a grasp on performance and quality of live and recent meetings with real-time health status and detailed metrics, while transitioning from reactive to proactive UC performance management.

  • Locate problematic calls quickly to troubleshoot quality issues, failures, and user error
  • Quickly identify root cause to speed resolution and assign tasks to the right teams
  • Get alerted to UC quality issues and disruptions before users are impacted or call in

CPM Analytics®

Generate actionable insights from historical performance trends and utilization data in order to enhance user experience, grow adoption, improve operational planning, and optimize capex and opex investments.

  • Analyze user behavior, examine technology adoption, and fine tune usability
  • Detect systemic issues and take action to prevent impact on quality and experience
  • Intelligently adjust capacity and licensing, and optimize UC spend

“Vyopta’s analytics allowed us to make better decisions faster…monitoring and alerts also allowed our small team to support exponential growth in usage.”

Regan Earl, Collaboration Architect, Abbvie

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