How it Works

Explore the features of Vyopta’s Space Insights
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Vyopta Space Insights combines calendar scheduling information with data from collaboration endpoints to provide visibility and detailed analytics across your meeting spaces.

Track Room Utilization

Get a breakdown of room occupancy, room tech usage, meeting adherence, ad-hoc activity

View meeting attendance stats and trends

Compare scheduled to attended, missed, unplanned usage

Track around-the-clock room activity

Track video, audio, presentation, people-only activity counts and durations

Customize views by desired attributes

Identify trends by site, room type, department, user, etc.

Reduce Inefficient Room Usage

Highlight missed and inefficient meeting patterns, taking action to prevent costly repetition

Detect ghost and zombie missed meetings

Highlight recurring or one-time bookings with no attendance

Compare room capacity vs. occupancy

Leverage people count to find large spaces used for small meetings

Identify frequent booking offenders

Find users responsible for missed, low occupancy bookings

Optimize Tech & Real Estate Investments

Intelligently plan for new build-outs and repurpose existing spaces and technology

Identify underutilized resources

Sort to find assets that are candidates for repurposing

Understand technology usage

Get a complete view across video, audio, presentation

Discover activity outside calls

Track people-only meetings and local presentation sharing