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Real-Time Video Conferencing & Call Quality Monitoring

Recently, Vyopta launched our new upgrade to Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts that includes comprehensive call quality monitoring. Many of our customers liked the way we united capacity and usage information in our Historical and Real-Time products and desperately...

How room usage data helps with real estate woes

Collaboration space is a Big Problem, and not the way you think Most people think of conference rooms only when they are trying to book one last minute and they find out there aren't any left nearby.  However, the problem is actually the opposite: conference rooms and...

Vyopta vAnalytics: How Does it Work?

Vyopta vAnalytics is a monitoring and analytics tool to help large organizations manage and support video conferencing across all the most popular video technologies. This vAnalytics data sheet briefly describes the product, how it works, and the technologies we...

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