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How Enterprises Measure Adoption of Video Conferencing to Improve Productivity

In our survey, IT Managers and Solution Architects from 180 enterprise companies have provided fresh insights around measuring (or not measuring) user adoption of video conferencing (VC). We’ve analyzed their challenges, collected some tactics they’re to improve and have placed them into a single report to help you boost use adoption of video conferencing. Here are a few, […]

Ebook: Overcoming Video Conferencing Adoption

What you’ll find:    Feedback from 180+ enterprise IT professionals Top obstacles to positive video conferencing adoption rates Prioritization of the universal barriers to adoption Expert advice and insights to solve for poor user adoption New solutions and...

Tactical Ways To Profit From Video Conferencing Adoption

Video collaboration assets are expensive and complex, but they can result in huge benefits if they are implemented correctly. Where companies have stumbled in the past is the implementation phase, or “Phase 2”. We have all heard many stories of organizations that...