Infographic: Overcoming the Video Conferencing Adoption Void

Infographic: Overcoming the Video Conferencing Adoption Void


How much or how little your employees use your video conferencing technology determines whether you have a positive or negative return on your (rather expensive) investment. Yet, most large companies have multiple technologies, and unless IT team get some sort of night vision seeing performance across their entire collaborative network and improving employee adoption will remain an impossibility.

Vyopta has put together an infographic based on survey results provided by 180+ enterprise businesses. The goal was to uncover the most common reasons why employees are not adopting at an appropriate rate. We’ve successfully unveiled the major issues you can be certain you’re not sending your video conferencing budget into a bottomless void, never to be seen again.

What We’ll Cover

  • Insights from 180+ enterprise businesses with multi-vendor environments
  • Video conferencing projections for 2017
  • Top three reasons for poor employee adoption rates
  • What 52% of enterprise IT’s say they need to successfully manage video
  • Three steps to gain insight into your multi-vendor, video conferencing environment
Top Video Conferencing Adoption Failures

Survey and Data Insights

In our survey, participants admitted they’re wasting cycles trying to understand how their mutli-vendor video conferencing technology benefits their business. They want to know who is using or not using their technology. This data is fragmented across multiple systems making data collection and comparisons a painstaking and manual process. This grueling process ends up getting deprioritized and is slowly forgotten over time. The result? Unused video conferencing infrastructure, bandwidth, endpoints and licensing.

Often, when we speak to our customers (before they’re our customers of course), we find that the mere idea of trying to improve employee adoption is overwhelming. They do not have the tools, but they also don’t have the time to focus on this issue. Instead, they’re busy trying to replicate and diagnose issues that have already happened, with limited data outside of the information included in a support ticket.

When we ask IT teams that have multi-vendor environments how they plan on improving their video conferencing adoption rate, their responses always fall into three, distinct buckets. They either have no idea, feel it takes too long or they simply can’t do it.

We’ve put some serious time and insights into this infographic to help prevent you from wasting your video conferencing investment.

We hope you enjoyed it!