Video Conferencing Analytics for Large Enterprises: How It’s Being Used


We’ve pulled video usage insights from 60+ organizations across a variety of industries with 49% coming from enterprises with 10,000+ employees.

Industries Represented: Healthcare, Technology, Financial Services, Higher Education, Legal, Video Providers, K-12 Education, Government, Consulting and more.

Key Takeaways

  • How video conferencing use is scaling in the enterprise space
  • Median video usage and correlations based on business size
  • Video conferencing usage by industry
Infographic: Enterprise Video Conferencing Usage

Benefits of Learning How Enterprises Use Video

We’ve calculated 1.9 million as the median annual video minute usage for over 60 companies of various sizes. However, every organization is different. Some organizations depend more heavily on video conferencing, while others may primarily leverage audio, email and chat to collaborate. By understanding how much other organizations use video, you can gain a baseline start tracking video adoption and proving the ROI of your organization’s video conferencing investment.

Start Tracking Video Adoption Like the Big Guys

Here are a few of the metrics to help you start tracking video conferencing adoption like other enterprise organizations:

  • # of active video endpoints
  • # of active VMR’s
  • # of video minutes
  • # of meetings
  • # of average participants per meeting
  • Utilization by device type
  • Utilization by bridge type
  • Endpoint utilization by # of video calls

Improving Video Conferencing Adoption and Utilization

Analyzing a comprehensive list of adoption metrics, making correlations, and setting goals against company’s of a similar size if the route to success. Below you will find the steps we recommend to Vyopta users.

Drill into your analytics system to find your top and bottom ten video hardware endpoints. Then, review the number of calls and types of calls for those endpoints. From there, you can effectively assess whether or not you need to redeploy or repurpose underutilized systems by viewing a side-by-side comparison.

Determine which types of devices and endpoints users prefer to communicate with internally and externally. For example, you can analyze the number of meetings to determine the effectiveness of your deployments.

Review active endpoint utilization, and compare software/hardware endpoint usage to find trends you can leverage.

Leveraging Video Conferencing Usage Benchmarks

Our metric of choice to determine how you stack up against other organizations of your size is annual video minutes. Although there are a great deal of options for measuring video usage, annual video minutes are quantitative, available in most video conferencing vendor solution analytics, and simple to compare to other organizations.

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