Flowchart: How to Troubleshoot a Video Call the Right Way


Video call quality endpoint monsterTroubleshooting a video call can often lead to finger pointing or finally just throwing in the towel. In an effort to help, our team of expert video and network engineers put their heads together to produce an effective, and easy-to-follow, troubleshooting process. We’ve organized over 36 tactics into a step-by-step guide that will identify whether the network, an end-user, AV equipment or your video conferencing technology is to blame.



  • Tips to quickly know if the 1) network, 2) end-user, 3) AV equipment or 4) video provider is to blame
  • 36+ easy-to-follow troubleshooting tactics that will preserve your sanity 
  • A better understanding of when you can blame the “far end” of the call