Case Study: Abbvie Optimizes Global Cisco Collaboration Environment


About Abbvie

Abbvie is a highly focused research-driven biopharmaceutical company with over 28,000 employees in 70+ countries who deliver pharmaceuticals that help treat over 30 million people worldwide. Abbvie creates new approaches to addressing today’s health issues—from life-threatening illness to chronic conditions.

Spun off in 2013 from Abbott Labs, Abbvie has been set up as an agile, research-based organization that depends on video collaboration to grow their business and maintain a competitive advantage. They use all Cisco Collaboration technologies to reach this goal. 

Video Conferencing Challenges

  • Abbvie needed to rollout Cisco TelePresence, Jabber Video, and WebEx with a heavy focus on using video to reduce travel and increase productivity for their very distributed and fast moving organization.
  • Large, global network with 28,000 employees in more than 70 countries across multiple labs and facilities.
  • Legacy network was very out of date and couldn’t handle very much modern video, especially at older facilities
  • Existing video usage was nearly all Executive and two dedicated resources provided 100% “white glove” meeting service; including scheduling and support.
  • Had aggressive internal goals to increase adoption very rapidly.

“Vyopta’s analytics allowed us to make better decisions faster, and the reports and dashboards played a huge part in enabling us to grow adoption of video as quickly as we did. Monitoring and alerts also allowed our small team to support this exponential growth in usage without additional resources.”

Regan Earl

Collaboration Architect, Abbvie

Results After Partnering with Vyopta

Abbvie successfully expanded their environment to thousands more employees in a few short years and deployed:

  • 500 New Hardware Endpoints
  • 4000 new Active Software users
  • 3 New Platforms (Jabber, Cisco TP, WebEx)

They also accomplished all this with a small team of engineers that did all the testing, deployment, and support by using Vyopta’s Monitoring and Alerts.

Saved over $3M and 85K hours in international travel avoided in 2016

Abbvie collaboration growth