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Enterprise Adoption Trends and Insights

In keeping with the theme from last week, we have been taking a deep look at our entire collaboration database.  This week, I thought I would share some of the more interesting trends and insights around usage and adoption.  We normally provide details like this, benchmarks, and customer-specific insights as part of our UC Assessment […]

Top Resources to Drive Adoption

Increasing adoption of new collaboration technology is critical to digital transformation for many reasons. However, every company and every situation can be a bit different, so it takes broad knowledge to be successful.  Whether you are doing the standard conference room utilization play, or you are trying to increase the number of doctors that are consulting […]

Adoption (Advanced Analytics)

Adoption (Advanced Analytics) The Adoption tab looks at usage data over time in order to identify adoption and usage trends. Support Overview Getting Started Documentation Knowledge Base Support Packages Contact Support Log In OVERVIEW The Adoption tab is a collection...