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A single system to monitor and improve the performance of your video collaboration network.









Gain insights to understand and drive user adoption.

Use a single system to monitor your entire collaboration network. Understand how your organization uses video and determine if you are reaching your adoption goals.

You can analyze usage across the entire organization or custom groups (e.g., business units, geographies) to make better decisions, track progress, and identify improvement opportunities.

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Monitor and improve your collaboration experience.

vAnalytics includes several tools to improve the quality of the video collaboration experience in your organization.

Real Time Monitoring and Alerts makes it easier to identify and quickly troubleshoot video call quality issues efficiently.

Historical analytics provides insights into call quality and user experience trends so you can address the root cause of problems.

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Allocate assets efficiently and plan accurately.

vAnalytics gives collaboration administrators the knowledge to invest in the best technologies at the right level and allocate current resources where they will be used most effectively.

Infrastructure and endpoint utilization reporting allows you to identify bottlenecks and excess capacity while asset inventory management allows you to determine when and where to make upgrades to software and hardware.

Optimize your deployment today. Invest in the right level of capacity. Avoid overspending.

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Easily share insights with key stakeholders.

To improve collaboration you need to share key insights easily with your team, the IT support desk, management, and finance.

vAnalytics allows you to easily share insights and exports of any chart or report in the tool. In addition, you can set up automated distribution lists for alerts and key reports.

Improving enterprise collaboration is a team sport, so Vyopta allows you to provide access to vAnalytics to as many users as you need.

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