Not your father’s UC

Unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) is growing at a rapid pace. It’s evolved from a nice-to-have to a must-have in just a few years, and IT teams are struggling to keep up with new solutions and an increasing number of users.

What is UC&C now?

While UC&C used to mean a simple phone call between co-workers, the new UC&C landscape is ever-changing, and new platforms and tools are emerging every day. You can attend large meetings on Skype for Business, video chat with your dev teams in Tokyo and Seattle, share files on Box, and collaborate on project outlines via Sparkboard–all in one meeting.

UC&C environments are becoming more and more complex—the demand for a global-first workplace and a rise in multi-vendor solutions for enterprise-level companies mean IT professionals need to become Jacks (and Jills) of all trades. Moreover, we’re seeing a higher number of use cases for organizations who need a single-pane-of-glass view of how all their UC&C applications are working (and how they’re not).

UC&C now covers:

  •      Video
  •      Voice
  •      Messaging
  •      Sharing

Users are also empowered to bring their own devices to the table, meaning user and endpoint numbers are increasing. With this influx in devices, services, and users, the demand for your time and attention increases as well.

So, how do you manage your legacy systems and the new UC&C stack without losing your mind (or your temper)?

Not your father’s UC

We’ve been keeping our ear to the ground regarding the ever-evolving UC&C landscape, talking with customers and working with industry analysts to uncover trends, pain points, and the best solutions to problems associated with the new UC&C.

Our next webinar, “Not your father’s UC: How your enterprise can survive (and thrive!) in the new age of multi-vendor, hybrid collaboration,” brings together industry experts Ira M. Weinstein, senior analyst and partner at Wainhouse Research, and Ivan Montoya, VO of marketing and business development at Vyopta, for a discussion of the current UC&C environment and how to prepare for the future.

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