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Pharmaceuticals Improve collaboration, efficiently manage large collaboration environments, and optimize meeting room usage watch video . Trusted by pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face unique collaboration challenges...

Building the Business Value of your UC Digital Collaboration Initiatives

A UC engineers job on paper, seems straightforward. Typical job duties outlined are configuring, troubleshooting and supporting UC deployments, ensuring overall stability and availability of collaboration technologies and managing infrastructure projects. To the untrained professional, a UC engineer’s job seems easy enough: keep things running smooth and when they aren’t, figure out why. In reality […]

Beverage Industry: Workspace Insights Case Study

Global Consumer Beverage Company uses Vyopta’s Workspace Insights to save millions in real estate and collaboration technology spend With over 100 offices worldwide and a 60,000+ employee base ranging from remote to in-office — each with their own collaborative...

Top Reasons to Consider Buying Vyopta

When it comes to enterprise collaboration you can’t afford to fly blind. One small interruption could have a big impact on your organization’s bottom line and productivity. It’s critical that organizations have the insight needed to avoid interruptions in Unified Collaboration technology and for nearly 12 years, Vyopta has been spearheading that effort. As the […]