Beverage Industry: Workspace Insights Case Study

Global Consumer Beverage Company uses Vyopta’s Workspace Insights to save millions in real estate and collaboration technology spend

With over 100 offices worldwide and a 60,000+ employee base ranging from remote to in-office — each with their own collaborative needs — the company needed to understand exactly how their 1500+ meeting spaces were being used in order to effectively plan for the future. Since real estate is the largest company expense, the teams in charge of collaboration technology and workplace experience needed data to make better informed decisions.

With the company having over 180,000 square feet of meeting space globally, the corporation needed the ability to make data-driven decisions rather than off assumptions. It was apparent that the organization needed insight into the utilization of it’s collaboration technology and spaces. As a result, the company met with Vyopta and implemented Workspace Insights, beginning the data collection process in less than three days.


The Challenge

  • Each campus and building are built out the exact same way, regardless of respective department needs.
  • The company had never gathered real data, building out space primarily on presumptions and biases.
  • The need to save on cost per square foot, since the largest expense to the company is real estate.

Results After Partnering with Vyopta

  • Analytics from Workspace Insights allowed the organization to determine how individual departments use collaboration technology and spaces differently. This allows them to design new build outs to meet the specific needs of those departments saving millions in inefficient room build outs.

  • The organization uncovered inefficiencies in a 14-person conference room outfitted with expensive collaboration techology, as 90% of the time it was only used by 2 people who didn’t use the technology. The company was able to take action and work with employees to optimize usage.

  • Workspace Insights provided analytics based on real data — not opinions — which allowed the company to maximize the ROI on thousands of meeting spaces and 825+ video endpoints.

With Workspace Insights, the company is maximizing the ROI for their real estate build outs and technology needs.

The Summary

Prior to Vyopta, the company had been making real estate decisions blindly, based on assumptions, which is the largest expense for the business. Using Vyopta has allowed them to make data-driven decisions in an effort to save potentially millions of dollars in unnecessary real estate spend. 

By implementing Workspace Insights, each team involved in the organization’s real estate decisions (design, construction, people teams and branding experts) now have complete visibility into room utilization at the company, allowing decision making based on what works best for each space — saving time, money, and ultimately enforcing a collaborative and productive work environment.


Make decisions based on real data, not opinions