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Pharmaceutical and biotech companies face unique collaboration challenges due to large numbers of geographically dispersed and global teams. Improved collaboration can reduce the time to market for product innovations that could be worth billions of dollars to these companies in new revenue. Using Vyopta, pharmaceutical and biotech companies can make data-driven decisions from labs to the high-stakes meeting rooms.

Improve Collaboration of Globally Dispersed Teams

  • Utilize data to your advantage to ensure that employee location doesn’t impact collaboration.
  • Use alerts and real-time, live performance metrics to be proactive and resolve call quality before they make an impact.
  • Increase productivity by ensuring high-quality collaborative environments each and every time.
  • Accelerate digital transformation initiatives by increasing adoption of new UC technologies.

Efficiently Manage Large Collaboration Environments

  • Troubleshoot at scale without sacrificing time spent on globally impacting initiatives for researchers, scientists and other key stakeholders.
  • Monitor hundreds of endpoints globally from a single, integrated dashboard.
  • Digitize and automate simple, custom reporting in a fraction of the time spent today.

Optimize Meeting Room Usage and Costs

  • Determine if room to room, site to site, collaboration technology is being utilized in the most efficient manner.
  • Proactively plan for spikes in demand; allowing for redistributing or reconfiguration of outside resources if necessary.
  • Intelligently adjust meeting room collaboration technology need based on use and trends.

“Working with Vyopta’s reporting made the transition to Webex really easy. I have been using analytics for various IT projects for about 20 years, and the performance, reliability, and ease of use of Vyopta is second to none.”

Andrew Midkiff, IT Alignment Specialist and Evangelist at Rho World

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